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If you feel as though you might understand the Irish then you may want to think again. For a small Island of just 4.9 million people, the impact this nation has around the world is incredible. Ireland has a diaspora of 75 million, as such the Irish brand has become a very real and tangible resource.

In this film, we examine some of the elements that have helped define the Irish brand. We discuss the effects of mass emigration, the overall contribution to global culture, sport, and business, the role that the Irish language plays, the drive for political leadership, a deep love of food and drink, and craic.

Filmed in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Vietnam, Spain, and the United States, we hear from a number of key figures that include the likes of Dara O’Briain, Cecelia Ahern, Sharon Corr, Malachy McCourt, Dr Louis de Paor, Professor Liam Kennedy, Dr Tim O’Connor, the Mayor of Seattle and the President of Ireland to name just a few.

We ask why is it that the national holiday of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is the only national holiday to be celebrated in almost every country around the world? Why is it you can walk into an Irish pub anywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe? It would appear that nearly everyone on the planet has some sort of connection to the beautiful country of Ireland. It’s not because of the drink, food, loveable characters seen on stage and screen. Nor is it to do with the impressive business savvy, excellent education, or even down to the endless musical and literary talents that come of out the country.

It all boils down to the fact that being Irish has become a brand. A best-selling, take-the-world-by-storm brand. Their best export to date has got to be their people. For such a small country the impact they have on the world is massive. So let’s examine the birth of the Irish brand.

Directed by: Sara Gibbings

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  1. This video is no long available.

  2. Gave up after 10 mins of some guy yammering on about his horses, great ad for his business though…