Braveheart: Fact or Fiction?

In May 1297 the course of Scottish history was changed forever when The Sheriff of Lanark, Sir. William Heselrig was hacked to death by a young Scottish patriot, his name was William Wallace or as we have come to know him, Braveheart.

Wallace was a legend, a national hero but in this episode of Fact or Fiction TV personality Tony Robinson has gone to Scotland in order to discover the truth behind the legend. If you have ever seen the movie Braveheart, forget it, it is a great piece of entertainment but not an accurate guide.

Underneath schools, factories, housing estates in central Scotland lies a trail of blood but whether it leads to a hero or a villain depends on where you come from. Wallace was the first Scottish champion in the vicious wars of independence from England, he is a Scottish icon to this day be he was certainly no saint.

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