The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump

In May 2016, parents of a 20 year old named Michael Sandford had reported that their son had gone missing in America. Twenty three days later Michael turned up at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Las Vegas.

Shortly after Trump took to the stage Michael approached a police officer, seconds later he attempted to take the officers gun. At first it was unclear as to what his intentions were but when questioned by the secret service Michael stated that he planed on shooting and killing Donald Trump, saying that he was a racist who deserved to die.

Michael quickly found himself in the middle of a media storm and at the mercy of America’s notoriously harsh justice system. After pleading guilty, Michael faced many years behind bars. This film set out on a journey to discover how it was that a young middle-class boy from suburban Surrey who suffers from a form of Autism known Asperger’s end up trying to assassinate the most controversial and high-profile man in the world.

Following Michael’s family we witness their uncertainty of the situation unfold as the man their son attempted to kill becomes president of the United States.

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  1. F-ing Brits desperately need to mind their own business

  2. Poor kid. Poor Mum.

  3. Your father screwed a retard, that’s why youare such an idiot! ?

  4. The poor boy needs to be on meds., and get the help he needs. At least while he is here, they can treat him. I wonder how many people out there wants to do the same thing he tried to do, because Trump IS a racist. Trumps father was arrested in 1927 for leading a KKK parade through Brooklyn , but the charges were dismissed of course.