Britain on the Fiddle

It’s estimated that twenty-two billion pounds of taxpayers’ money is effectively stolen or lost every year through fraud and error – a sizeable chunk of that is benefit fraud – money that could end up being taken out of the pockets of those in genuine need.

In this Panorama Special, Richard Bilton uses undercover cameras to expose people on benefits sailing yachts and driving Bentleys. And he follows fraud investigators as they tackle the rising tide of benefits cheats using fake identities to steal millions.

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  1. So if someone has a bad back they aren’t suppose to ride a bike? What the hell, my dad had serious back disability and was ordered by the doctor to exercise and to ride the bike because its not as severe on your joints as running or other forms of cardio. These people are clowns

  2. A fish rots from the head down!

  3. perfect playing! gotta love the fiddle

  4. C*nts, the lot of them. Hope they all die in a fire.

  5. The vast majority of ‘losses’ in the benefit system are not due to fraud, but overpayments (errors) made by the DWP (department of work and pensions). This cost the UK taxpayer 3 and a half BILLION pounds this year alone.

  6. This goes on in Canada all the time the fraudulent claims for social services and healthcare..
    Real Canadians who suddenly need a disability pension are often denied benefits unless they can afford a lawyer to fight for their rights. Most can’t, because they have been too sick to work or injured for months.
    Sad thing is they will not receive enough money to live on, and may never get into subsidized housing,. after years of working hard and paying their taxes
    In Ontario, subsidized housing is now being sold for profit,, when we desperately need more…

  7. What a sad joke. The creation of a social security system is intended to provide a ruling class with the cowardly, fearful and entirely Machiavellian means to buy off the historic anger of the lumpen prole —- when he sobers up. Which means it is ridden with guilt and unease at its very foundation. A similar misgiving suffered by the furtive employer of a hitman, for example — he doesn’t know that the thing won’t backfire in his face — see ‘Fargo’ for a beautifully comic portrayal of this..

    What happens is the worm (in this case the ‘alpha prole’ with villas all over the Dourdoigne) turns and wakes up one late afternoon smarter than his port-sodden master. Your reporter here comes across as always in these docs as ludicrous and his ‘prey’ a squillion times smarter as they are richer than he, poor sap. Is this the real purpose of these docs — the producers making a clever snide pillory of well-meaning whey-faced police, journalists and council authorities in the face of a low cunning they probably haven’t even read about in their crime novels? If you want to do entertaining TV about the low-life getting their proper dues, take tasers, mace, ropes, guns —— let’s see some authentic ‘trial by TVĀ“ one fkn time —- or stop wasting our attention with this kind of whingeing piss you poor pc liberal mealy-mouthed tossers.