Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker

This drama documentary records the brilliance – and the destruction – of one of the 20th century’s greatest minds. Alan Turing is the genius British mathematician who was instrumental in breaking the German Naval Enigma Code during World War II, arguably saving millions of lives. He was also the visionary scientist who gave birth to the computer age, pioneered artificial intelligence, and was the first to investigate the mathematical underpinnings of the living world. Turing is one of the great original thinkers of the 20th century, who foresaw the digital world in which we now live. In the eyes of many scientists today Turing sits alongside Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin at the table of scientific greats.

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  1. What saved Britain was the North Atlantic Convoys..

  2. Like so many of your films, it’s been removed from your database (or as here, replaced with a trailer), yet left in your listings. Viewers go through the load process only to find it’s not available. Why don’t you remove the listing when you remove the film???

  3. It was optional, not mandatory, therefore I do not care.

  4. These American teens that have made “gay” comments are so irritating. American teenagers should be under strict government control when on the net, just not the US government, perhaps North Korea?

  5. Judging by the contents of comments, many strange people are drawn to these types of documentaries.

  6. This documentary is not about codebreaking. Its about homosexuallity.

  7. the Nancis, ha

  8. this 90% gay document , 10% enegma document.

  9. Anyone else agree he was highly INTP ??

  10. @DaftAida:disqus
    what, you don’t think that somebody in a field with a “working understanding” of it may not be critical of his own field.

    since we’re on the personal/racial debate already (i’ll take a big leap this time and assume you’re irish), you’re just reaffirming the notion that 1) they don’t think logically and quantitatively, 2) and when talking about big ideas, they’re sloppy with the principles.i’ll have to stop myself there. there are “trade secrets” i’d rather keep to myself.

  11. Dear E.F. – don’t be too dispondant. You’re not ‘one of them’ as Newton/Eistein/Darwin were and how many dead scholars lay at their famous feet? The name of the game is that if it fits the controlled ‘bill’ the work is plagurised and if not, it is ignored, refuted, shelved, debunked and much worse. Only those ‘authorised’ may speak of their art as if the rest of us are eejits. If we believe in any of the icons bluffed into grandiosity, we are eejits indeed.

    If you understand and can apply the knowledge of the maths of everything, then it is not your worry to court their acceptance for you’ll never achieve it. The six years spent in trying has opened your eyes to how this world really works which has nothing whatever to do with natural science, math or anything human as it is based on destruction, devolution and extinction by those calling themselves jews. They hate the Irish – read “To Barbados or Hell’. Cromwell was backed by two Jews. Just two ….

  12. I am an amateur mathematician who has extended our knowledge of the only maths I intrinsically understand, binary, the maths of everything.

    Six years of my life given to my discoveries and as an underclass citizen of the UK(Irish by descent), not one door has opened, not one peer, just ridicule and banishment.

    If you need to express your genius, my advice get an education, in this fashion you at least stand the chance of an audience.

    Still I persist and hope, I feel I know Alan’s pain for differing reasons but belligerent none the less as will be born out by history upon completion of my story.

    Regards E.F. Smyth.
    Peace, love and gratitude.

  13. it really is amazing that as long as humanity stays the same, the demand for physical computers will never go away. and because alan turing reasoned in the most fundamental and abstract way of doing computing, his ideas will last as long as computing exists.

    another sobering fact is that using digital computers is nothing but a era that will eventually be phased out, as much as steam engines are to electric engines. try to be as clever as we might, but all the algorithms, engineering methodologies, all those years and years of research will have to be thrown out as we phase out digital computer. then those old ideas will just have to shelved to collect dust as the future will see them as nothing more but mathematical curiosities.