Britain’s Illegal Rave Renaissance

Rave culture was always supposed to polarize people and depending on your own experiences it is either one of the UK’s greatest exports or a symptom of our own moral decline. But after a nationwide clampdown in the mid 90’s the scene was forced further into the underground with new super clubs and licensed sanitized parties taking their place.

Recent years have seen an institutionalized attack on the nations nightlife with nearly half of all British clubs closing down in the last decade, so what happens next? An illegal rave renaissance, with young ravers using the UK’s complex squatting laws to break in, set up, keep the police at bay and go hard. Fueled by boredom and lit by social media the scene has left a trail of chaos across the country with a number¬†incidents involving riot police and more than one fatality in its wake.

However with the full weight of the British media upon it, police using increasingly extreme tactics to shut parties down can this scene survive?

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  1. there wasnt even one mention of any one who actual made music? I was part of the scene in my city, and the drugs and ego maniac djs who dont give a shit about the music its self is why these scenes are ridiculous