Britain’s Missing Young People

Everyday in the United Kingdom hundreds of people go missing, the police have even admitted that vulnerable youths are being left at risk as they simply can no longer keep up with the overwhelming number of people that seem to go missing.

In this Panorama special we see reporter Darragh MacIntyre meet up with those families who have experienced such tragedies first hand and who are now left searching for clues themselves as they have been waiting years to hear of any news in relation to their children who have gone missing.

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  2. If I’m not mistaken I think that the population of the UK is much larger than here in Canada, 350 kids a week that’s horrible, to say the least it bottles my mind 95% are found that leaves 47.5 kids a week that are not found and you guys have cameras all over the place…hows that working for you.
    It’s a false sense of security if you ask me and that young girl who is tought to be with that jerk, something ain’t right there’s more to this story I’m sure for one where is the father in this picture.

    My two cents