Britains Secret Cannabis Farms

In 2002, Britain produced 15 per cent of its own cannabis. In 2010 that figure is 90 per cent, and police around the country raid at least three factories every day. Organised gangs are cashing in on widespread demand for cannabis among Britain’s youth by setting up sophisticated factories in suburban homes and disused warehouses. Research shows a third of the UK’s 15-year-olds have tried cannabis and a quarter of young people aged 16-24 smoke it regularly.

Presenter Rickie Haywood-Williams journeys beyond the scaremongering headlines to find out the true impact of the UK’s skunk-smoking habit. Rickie accompanies Avon and Somerset police on raids, and rides in a heat-seeking helicopter as it uncovers cannabis farms with hi-tech thermal imaging equipment. He also meets a landlord who was horrified to find his tenant was in fact part of an organised gang who were farming cannabis in every bedroom of his house.

Rickie’s journey also includes a trip to Amsterdam and meetings with some of the UK’s three million smokers, from those who fiercely defend their habit to others who regret the effect it has had on their lives.

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  1. skunks not a super strain hahaha, its just stronger strains. Go to Cali or New Zealand if you want strong buds

  2. propganda……piss stains on his pants from weed???? maybe bong water

  3. At about the 7 min mark this dude really starts to show his reefer madness indoctrination.  Its fascinating to me, that this rhetoric is so ingrained, that people believe it as fact. 
    If you really want to throw reefer madness students for a loop, ask them for the study that demonstrates the relative harms, between alcohol and cannabis.  There is no such study. I think anyone that has had experience with both drugs can tell you why.

  4. Buddy at the end killed himself because of the medications he was prescribed. Look up how many people who are on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics end up committing suicide. And then, look up how many people kill themselves because of Marijuana!

  5. This guy sounds like ross kemp

  6. Everything in moderation, you get carried away and that’s when the shite hits the fan.

  7. OMG This is horribly biased. Documentary? Propaganda!

  8. quality film, makes u think how fucked up this shit is

  9. Pot growers are not criminals… the ignorance of this documentary is alarming.   Cannabis causing a teen to take his own life???  Maybe he had other problems,   Are the creators of this for real?… don’t waste your time on this doc… if you want mis-information, watch ‘reefer madness’  it’s hilarious.

  10. “drug induced psychosis” trying to make the viewer think it’s the cannabis – when in actual fact it was the prescription drugs she just dropped off…

  11. Nooooo……

  12. This thought this was brilliant and quite interesting

  13. I agree with all the comments below, plus I wanna add that on another weed doc, they said that a lot of current weed grown in britain can have tiny glass beads on them to make it look like the bud has more thc crystals on it, thats bad to inhale burning hot micro glass beads. I stopped this doc after 2 minutes, sorry way too biased.

  14. stupid fucking british people and their skunk. Theres no fucking super weed, every single plant is either completely or comprised of indica, rheuderallis or sativa. Pretty fucking simple. Every plant has a name and is of a specific genetic make up (strain), theres not 100 fuckin strains out there that all fall under skunk. Find out what your fucking smoking and stop calling every good fucking bud skunk. stupid fucks

  15. ok seriously, the part where the kid hangs himself one’s made to believe that it was cannabis that caused this ‘drug induced psychosis’ which relates to his suicide. But the kid went to a psychiatrist prior to this and was on ‘medication’.   

  16. talk about bias… this was one very bias documentary. Get real with this Cannabis causes mental illness BS

  17. its also pretty biased, the balance is lacking as the users are made to look like fringe members of society and the police come across as genius heroes. so very not 2011.

  18. I usually find British made documentaries quite interesting but this one was terrible boring. Nothing new is discussed.