Britain’s Secret Terror Deals

Unsolved, unresolved, terrible crimes from the troubles in Northern Ireland but these are no ordinary killings. This is the story of why the state is accused of standing in the way of truth and justice. It’s a story of how the state helped and protected killers, killers of innocent people, its why the past will not and cannot simply go away.

Once a suspicion, now a fact, there were murders on the governments payroll, giving them impunity to continue their crimes and in this episode of Panorama, reporter Darragh MacIntyre sets about investigating the accused British security forces who colluded with paramilitary murders and covered up their crimes for decades. MacIntyre also meets up with some the families who lost people to such criminality and uncovers the governments darkest secrets.

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  1. A good purge is necessary every now and then

  2. What a shock, the British killing innocent Irish.