Britain’s Street Kids

Every day in the United Kingdom it seems that hundreds of children are being forced to leave home and charities such as Shelter say the number of homeless children is simply bound to rise as a direct result to recent cuts in government spending. To gain some insight into the issue this film follows four teenagers who are currently fending for themselves, living on the streets surrounded by drug abuse, conflict and risk.

In Edinburgh we meet 16 year old Robyn, a veteran of surviving on the streets. She left home at the age of 12 and soon after was forced into taking heroin. Now she struggles with a drug dependancy whilst battling with her demons on a daily basis.

Along the way we also encounter 16 year old Chelsey, 17 year old Sophie and 17 year old Haydon, all of whom are homeless but also remarkably eloquent in discussing their reasoning for leaving home. We hear of family breakdowns, addiction, violence, neglect and abuse.

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