Britains Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

As the new British government began making movement to ban all legal highs, VICE went to visit Manchester where synthetic drugs such as “Spice” and other brands like Vertex, Pandora and Insane Joker are freely available to buy from newsagents and places known as headshops. Although manufacturers state on the packets that these products are not fit for human consumption, legal highs are used recreationally all over the UK and sometimes make the news when students overdose on them.

In this short film, VICE wanted to meet up with a more vulnerable group of users of these drugs, those who seem to suffer from a real dependancy on legal highs.

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  1. How this synthetic drug can even be linked to Cannabis, i don’t know…. they are completely different things!! one is a natural plant that safe for you, the other is totally manmade product where the ingredients are completely unknown!! DO NOT EVER SMOKE SPICE PEOPLE!!

  2. Frankly, anyone who takes drugs including pharmaceutical ones deserves what they get. There is no excuse.