Broken by Battle

As our troops in Afghanistan prepare to come home, more and more British soldiers are haunted by the trauma of over a decade of war. This Panorama special investigates the true personal cost which, until now, has remained largely hidden. The Ministry of Defence only releases the number of suicides of serving soldiers and does not track what happens to its veterans.

Over the course of a year, reporter Toby Harnden set out to discover how many soldiers, both former and serving, took their own lives in 2012. He talks to families who have lost their sons and ex-soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder who are desperately seeking help. – Source: BBC

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  1. the way i see it is; they are saying that a number of tragedies in a row causes pstd. so let us bring that thought home for a min. i see little to no fathers in the lives of the people, so they were sent off to war with the biggest tradied happening from home. no dad. war is hell and the seek life as good once back home only to find the people greedy lyiers and then some. the women being the first to run, we must stand together as a family group looking out for one another making love the greatest gift not things or other people. this family group can extend to the wall of one countey. we must have sountnt shores. a one world government is death to man kind and this is what the war was about! we shall all stand in account one day for every action! you know what pain feels like, don’t hurt others with your own actions. start there and i will see you all in heaven. don’t quit. show me the tears if need be, i am your brother…