Bronson: Britain’s Most Dangerous Prisoner

Charles Bronson was jailed for armed robbery in 1974 and should have been released three years later, except for a few fleeting weeks of freedom on the outside he has been behind bars ever since. However, Bronson has never actually killed anyone and a quarter of a century in the prison system has changed him both mentally and physically. He is a man of many faces, at times he is both aggressive and dangerous capable of incredible destruction but Charlie who is a prolific cartoonist can also show great charm warmth, and humor.

How did Michael Peterson, a small-time criminal become Charles Bronson, Britain’s most feared prisoner? Charles Bronson was born Michael Peterson on December 6th, 1952. He was the second of three brothers living in a small modest council house in Luton, England. His father Joe ran a decorating business and the family was respectable and law-abiding. Although considered to be a kind-hearted child by those he grew up with, it wasn’t long before he started to have brushes with the law. When in school we had been caught committing petty theft and due to general misbehavior was ultimately expelled.

At the age of 15, Charlie went for a fresh start to live with his Grandmother at Ellesmere Port in Merseyside. His best friend was John Bristow, the two of them would often commit petty theft together but never anything more serious. It was here Charlie found work in a range of laboring jobs, it wasn’t long before he married and became a father, he had full intentions of settling down but after a few years the monotony got to him and he would start going out on week-long drinking binges. It was on these drinking binges that Charlie hatched his plan to commit armed robbery. At the age of 21, he took part in a robbery of a petrol station with three other men, he carried the gun and although no shots were fired he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, it was downhill from here.

Directed by: Mike Saunders

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  1. Let him go yes he has been violent but he has never hurt women or children, he has paid for his crimes now

  2. He’s where he deserves to be. Case closed.

  3. Here’s a thought….since prison is so bad and turns people into monsters, don’t commit crimes that will send you to prison

  4. Don’t harass people protect them be friendly to know what’s within them don’t make enemies make friends and stick to your rules as an officer otherwise you will make more problems than solving them

  5. It’s true cops don’t know their work and how to behave you need to be friendly to the community not to make enemies that’s why they a fired at when they appear to a group of thugs be friendly and know how to deal with law breakers otherwise it’s a war which will never end be friendly and do your work protect don’t harass citizens.