Brothers & Sisters In Love

Brothers & Sisters In Love is a film about ordinary people who decided to trace siblings they had never met before but then found themselves confronted by the greatest moral dilemma of their lives. It’s considered to be one of the ultimate taboos in society but when brothers and sisters grow up separately and then later meet for the first time as strangers and as adults, they can fall prey to an overwhelming physical desire for each other, a phenomenon now being described as genetic sexual attraction.

If you meet someone and you see such strong genetic similarities without even knowing it this can trigger a powerful sexual charge. The men and women in this film are not unique, at a time when more and more people are able to trace siblings or parents they have never known genetic sexual attraction is a growing reality. So much so that over half of these reunions can result in sexual obsessions, often risking everything to be together, even breaking the law. As such their love for one another can have devastating consequences for themselves and their families.

Although is this straightforward incest or could love found between two consenting adults who happen to be related be the result of something else? In this film, we examine the taboo of incest and how several sets of family members have been confronted by the effects of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Take retired school teacher Ron for example, who managed to trace a sister he had never met after many years of searching for her and had no idea what kind of can of worms he was about to open. A regular member at the local golf club and happily married to his wife Mary since 1957 everything about Ron’s life seemed comfortable and settled. 60 years after being separated from his sister he managed to find her and instantly became attracted to her.

Directed by: Sally George

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