Buck, reveals the life story of real-life horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman.

A living legend in the horse world, Buck Brannaman was the inspiration for The Horse Whisperer. For this true cowboy, horses are a mirror of the human soul. Reared by an abusive father, Buck eschews violence.

By teaching people to communicate with horses through instinct, not punishment, he frees the spirit of the horse and its human comrade. Crisscrossing the world with Zenlike wisdom, Buck promulgates grace in the bond between man and horse.

The animal-human relationship becomes a perfect metaphor for meeting the challenges of daily life, whether they consist of raising kids, running a business, or finding your flow with a dance partner.

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  1. “Buck” is a film not to be missed.  It’s about so much more than horses and training them.  It’s about a man who really understands both animals and human nature and how the way you treat your animal reflects how you are as a person.  You definitely don’t have to be interested in horses to love this film.

  2. great video

  3. It is so amazing!!! I am satisfied!!!

  4. Nice Movie…

  5. This is pretty awesome, and I don’t particularily like horses.