Bumfights: A video too far

In 2002, six American teenagers released one of the most shocking and degrading videos ever made. Set in the skidrows of Las Vegas and San Diego, the film featured homeless people and addicts fighting each other and performing extreme stunts. Acts they were paid to perform by those who were filming them. It scandalised America, but despite a horrified public reaction, the video sales were phenomenal.

The film and its copycat followers have unleashed a wave of lawsuits, soul searching and a new and deeply disturbing type of reality TV, and it has changed the lives of everyone involved. Featuring the producers and victims, this is the story of Bumfights.

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  1. Yikes! I just hit the report button by accident! HOW DO I REVERSE THE REPORT!?

  2. If anyone on the planet deserves the death penalty it’s McPherson. What he engaged in was psychopathic, pathetic and criminally vindictive. If I ever met him on the street he would be in some very, very serious trouble. We need to be protected from people like him.

  3. Ryen has a vimeo account called the Stab The Princess. I watched a really good doco he did on there about a guy who doesn’t quite fit in then decides that he is transexual although it seems he took it down. You guys should give him a break, he was only 15 or so when he made bumfights, he seems to have matured a lot since then.

  4. he should have ‘mommy’s boy’ tattoed on his forehead as punishment.

  5. i hope the guilty in this case will be punished one day . these people should be send to jail very long , its just not right doing that to homeless people they already have it hard enought. i dont know why nobody send the to jail already, theyve commited a crime. but people can be so ingnorant towars the homels, ill and poor, its realy sad.

  6. obviously they committing crime they violent and the DA is doing nothing exept watching and studied the videos what is happening

  7. whoever shoot this video should be shoot in the head

  8. This is the very very funny things, isn’t it? At Gandhinagar the playful university fellows often to sporting the not have the house peoples. It is the humorous best one of it to adhesive money in the street floor.

  9. How about the shows “Cops”, “911” and other police series? Clearly there is $$ in this type of exploitation in other people’s misery…

  10. It makes me sad to see what people do to each other, so much for humanity society is a disgrace in this day and age, and for those worthless people filming this stuff I would love them to go to jail but in all honest they wont because they are upper middle class white folk

  11. when i was young and ignorant i rented this video. Unimaginable that it was possible to find it in a video store! I regret renting it now as i did then, everlasting shame on those who created Bumfights. I hope they get all they deserve. I cant even watch the documentary because I know what i will see.

  12. One of the most upsetting documentaries I’ve seen. When karma bites that little punk, Ryan, in the a$$, I hope I find out about it. Would put a big grin on my face.

  13. What goes around comes around,Ryan.