Bunkers: Doomsday Apocalypse Shelter

Throughout the world are scattered secure bunkers that, for in the event of a nuclear strike or other apocalyptic event, people could hide in. Made of steel and other strong materials these doomsday bunkers are specifically designed for survival in event of emergency. Some are placed right in plain view of the public but without people knowing the true purpose. Others are built beneath ground. Though efforts have been made to keep them secret, bunkers have been exposed over the years. Some are still hidden and those are suspected to be the best ones in existence. This documentary explores not only how bunkers act as fortification against enemies, but also how to take down other bunkers so as not to keep themselves from the enemy. From fortifications in castles to the trojan horse, the idea of bunkers has always been around. The current bunkers are, however, fairly recent. There is a time in the future when, due to weapon development, the current bunkers will not be strong enough to use. New and stronger bunkers continue to be built across the world today.

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