Burma: No Childhood at All

Burma is a country that faces constant Civil War and political distress. But something is more astounding, children in Burma are exploited to fight in the Civil war. There is an estimated 70,000 children fighting for the war. Many of these children do not grow up knowing anything except to fight for War.

There are no specialized equipments nor clothing for these children. What they wear and use are passed down from dead soldiers, which means they wear really huge clothes. It’s really a sad plight to be in, watch this short video to learn more about Burma and the children there.

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  1. The “armies” are a way of life there, being a soldier is a lifestyle for them. The problem is not the child soldier, it is the adult politician. If you are asking for donations or for foreign military assistance, it was not clear. It is not clear why any are fighting there. The only useful information in this documentary is that children of age 7 can be trained to help defend from attacks. I am sure every community would benefit to know this if their situation becomes similar to the Burmese. As for activism, there is a greater horror that needs to be dealt with in the world now, one that is risky to even talk about on the internet. Resolve the greater problem, then the smaller concerns may resolve themselves. Otherwise, this is no more than a distraction for wouldbe activists, similar to the much publicized “Kony” problem in Africa.