Cage Fighting In The USA

We explore the fastest growing sport in America – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA is now a billion-dollar industry, watched by millions on national TV. But increasingly, amateurs are stepping onto the mat and drawing blood. We meet male and female cage fighters to understand why they love this sport. We also meet Savant Young, a professional fighter and lead trainer at Fight Academy MMA gym in Pasadena, CA. Finally, Mariana spends time in a church run by “The Fight Pastor,” who ministers a flock of young men who fight for Jesus.

“Jesus is the ultimate fighter. He fought death, hell and the grave and won,” says the Fight Pastor, Brandon Beals, who is featured in the show.

MMA still has a bad reputation. “Cage Fighting in the USA” presents the brutal, bloody side of the sport. That makes appearing in documentaries like these, risky for the people who are featured.

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  1. Whoa, this documentary attracted the CRAZIES in the comments. This documentary is alright. I wish it had more of the professional aspect but it looks like they didn’t quite have the access. It does a good job of showing the violence, the supposed glory, and the people who wind up with nothing but life-long injuries. It’s a decent documentary for what it is.

  2. ALL LIES! Why dont you interview the guy that had a epileptic fit in the ring? Where is he now? Why dont you interview the single Mexican mum with 3 kids – that now dribbles all day from her wheelchair? Do you even know who she is? – she’s a nobody now. Why dont you ask the trainer how much money his club made from that fight? Why dosnt this dear woman finding affirmation in the cage never speak about the days when her father cuddled her on his knee and took her to the park to play on the swing and held her through the night when she was sick? Honey – im so sorry.? What a dreadful uncaring documentary pretending to be true – pretending to be your friends. . Pretending to love when it’s just pushing you for more ‘Blood Porn’ If there is any one reading this that fought in a cage – I’m sorry. I’m sorry that Jesus is not real enough in me yet to be able to show you that He loves. That somehow in this world that God made – in this ‘God awful mess’ – somewhere – somehow both you and I will know that we are loved. We are sons and daughters. Im so sorry. I wish there was something more i could say something more for you – but im doing nothing. Im sorry.

  3. “the ultimate test of cavemanhood”. barbaric jungle mentality roman empire lions gladiator neanderthal killkillkill pathetic insecurity.