Calling Out Bravo 7: The 2020 Edition

Calling Out Bravo 7: The 2020 Edition is a film created by firefighters themselves that examines the collapse of the WTC Building (Bravo) 7 on September 11th, 2001. The filmmakers set out to reveal just how exceptional the collapse of WTC 7 actually was by comparing it to a long history of high rise fires that could be considered worse and did not result in total structure failure.

In honor of the 343 firefighters that lost their lives on that infamous September day, this film provides firefighters with a platform to openly discuss the physics involved in firefighting, building designs that allow them to take calculated risks, and why they commit themselves to fight fires in high-rise buildings without having a fear for sudden and complete building failure. We hear the latest in regards to the research carried out of the World Trade Center Building 7 all the way through the University of Alaska at Fairbank’s professor of Structural Engineering, Leroy Hulsey’s modeling work.

The first few minutes of this film show the many incidents that firefighters respond to from vehicle incidents, to gas leaks, to buildings that are fully engulfed in fire. From here we learn about the physics of fire and extensive knowledge that firefighters must know when battling such high-rise dangers.

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  3. As a non-engineer but with ‘common sense’, I knew the first time I saw Building 7 go down that it was a demolishion. Thank you for the great work creating this video and I hope the guilty parties, whether politicians or private citizens -all of them go to prison for life.

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