Can You Cure My Cancer

A scary fact is that one in two of us will get cancer, its a disease that touches every family in Britain. BBC’s Panorama has spent the last eighteen months on the frontline in the fight against the disease. At the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, patients that have been given just months to live are keeping cancer at bay for years. Advances in genetics are delivering a new generation of smarter cancer drugs. Leading scientists at the institute of cancer research see this as a game changing moment as patents that have run out of options under conventional treatment are helping to revolutionise our understanding of cancer.

In this episode of Panorama they meet up with the patients that are at the heart of clinical trials which promise a new armoury of weapons in the battle against cancer.

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  2. There are many cures for cancers. BUT “Cancer” is BIG business — a HUGE multi-billion dollar industry.… therefore they are NEVER going to officially “find a cure” & put an end to what continually brings them VAST amounts of cash donations! Who would kill the golden goose?

    NHS doctors send out letters attempting to get us responding to tests, just so as to get us into their system & maybe be sent for “further checks”, painful procedures etc. Once the cancer industry has you in its grasp, they will fill your head with rubbish. Indeed the medical profession sells everyone the myth that chemotherapy (which cooks all the GOOD organs) along with cutting & surgery are the way to go, along with expensive drugs of course…. Chances are if the harmful chemo treatments don’t get you, the nasty drugs will.

    Such is the power of these greedy giants, that they continually demonise beneficial healing herbs that God provided, while poking fun out of those trying to administer them, calling them “quacks”. Any doctor discovered by this evil industry to be successfully healing with carefully selected herbs, gets their name smeared, their license to practice medicine withdrawn & is unable to work in that capacity again. Their patients however have indeed been healed with herbs, (& many people fully
    recovered from their cancers this way).

    Meanwhile people continue to do fun-runs & cake-bakes etc. to raise money…in the vain attempt to find this illusive “cancer cure” ! Sadly many remain unaware of the scam, & have helplessly watched loved ones suffer & die needlessly at the merciless hands of this industry.

    There are now numerous interesting videos revealing the active suppression of curing cancer.
    Here is one to get you started : –

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  4. Just please give them Cannabis oil

  5. Slash, burn and poison techniques will never ‘cure’ cancers. Cancer is not one ‘disease’. It is not even a disease, more a dis-ease (like all other ‘diseases’).

    Perhaps readers of these comments might like to look at the work of

    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s German New Medicine.

    It requires some solid reading but is at least based on sound principles (including embryology), unlike the so-called ‘germ’ theory of ‘disease’ perpetrated upon us via the chemist Louis Pasteur and which is why allopathic medical treatment is anathema to biological flora and fauna.

    Pasteurisation is a curse upon humanity.

    Pasteur had absolutely no idea of biological functions in terms of health.

    By the way, any cretin who mentions National Socialist Germany in a derogatory fashion needs to do some reading.

    There are many seeming ‘cures’ and they all rely on the fact that anything positive helps; one cannot decry them.

    Finally, anyone watching stuff like Panorama should be wary of indoctrination by the gullible and for the gullible.

  6. The US, Canada and Nazi Germany are the only governments on earth to put drug based corporate profits ahead of products that cure,
    and human life it self. Some freedom hey.

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  8. I can stop any strain any time as well as almost anything else germ or viral based. It is easy and universal. One program will stop all.

  9. funny that there has been a cure since the 70s so all this is preferential treatment and a complete load of bollix

  10. Cancer is stoppable almost 100% of the time with herbal medicine if caught soon enough. I know I
    do it all the time.

  11. a pity this documentary only focussed on cancer healing drugs, and not the Whole Food Plant Based diet that is also curing Cancer & other diseases. Some amazing results from Dr Esselstyn, Dr Barnard, Dr Fuhrman, Dr Campbell … and many others

    • So true. Cancer comes about because your body is nutrient deficient. So sad to see people die and go through all this suffering when the cure is right in front of their eyes. But society (Doctors, Big Pharama) has made it so difficult for people to see the real truth. All healing lies in Whole Food Plant based diet. Gerson Therapy uses this method and has a high success rate.