Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West

Canada, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, has positioned itself as a global advocate for progressive policies. In my latest documentary featured in The Telegraph, I embarked on a journey to the former British colony to delve into how Canadians are coping with Trudeau’s far-reaching reforms. These encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the introduction of gender ideology in schools, the legalization of various drugs, the enactment of stringent suicide laws, to restrictions on freedom of expression.

This investigation commenced in Vancouver, renowned for its liberal ethos. In this city, possession of up to 2.5 grams of hard drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl, has been decriminalized as part of a three-year experiment launched earlier this year. While the goal was to combat the ongoing opioid crisis, the stark reality is that vast tent encampments now line the streets, inhabited by disoriented individuals consumed by drug addiction.

While filming on Hastings Street, infamous for being the epicenter of Vancouver’s homelessness crisis, I personally witnessed a shirtless man injecting a needle into his arm just a few feet away. Although not as dire as some situations in San Francisco, where my cameraman and I faced hostility from frustrated individuals experiencing homelessness, the scenes were undeniably jarring.

The city’s streets aren’t solely populated by the homeless. Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris online, actively opposes the imposition of gender ideology on children, whether through the educational system or through medical interventions to facilitate gender transitions in young adults. As his moniker suggests, Chris roams Vancouver wearing signs that challenge gender ideology, sparking animated discussions with passersby, which he documents on YouTube.

Our crew had the privilege of accompanying Chris on one of his walks, during which we encountered many Canadians deeply concerned about the use of puberty blockers in children and the inclusion of biological men in women’s sports. Naturally, we faced some opposition, mostly in the form of shouts or gestures. It seems that Canadian politeness has its limits.

One particularly confrontational individual, tall and irate, fixated on the peculiar message that he identified as “queer.”

Canada’s social revolution extends to its progressive euthanasia laws. In 2016, the Liberal Party passed legislation allowing assisted suicide for terminally ill Canadians, and next year, it will be expanded to encompass those grappling with mental health issues. As religiosity wanes across Canada and the liberal values of “bodily autonomy” and “personal freedom” reach their logical conclusion, a new societal paradigm is emerging. Dr. Konia Trouton, an advocate for euthanasia, shared with me, “We are an organized society, but within that organization, we must allow for some freedoms and opportunities. This is not a communist system where we can attempt to rein that in.” The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition estimates that 13,500 individuals chose state-assisted suicide last year.

To counter the spread of wokeism, a robust opposition party is crucial. Historically, Canada’s Conservatives have struggled to effectively challenge Trudeau, but their recently elected leader, Pierre Poilievre, has injected new vigor into the party. While some still question Poilievre’s conservative credentials, his strategy appears to be gaining traction; a recent poll indicated a twelve-point lead for his party over Trudeau’s Liberals.

However, the most impactful opponents of Canada’s social transformation have not necessarily emerged from political ranks but from ordinary citizens. Our documentary showcases these courageous individuals, including Dr. Jordan Peterson, arguably one of Canada’s most prominent figures globally, after the country’s leader.

Throughout my journey, I encountered everyday people deeply troubled by Canada’s leniency towards drug dealers, its erosion of freedom of expression, its advocacy for gender ideology in education, and its willingness to permit the termination of its citizens’ lives. Yet, amid these disheartening stories of job loss and government pressure, there were equally uplifting accounts of resilience. While Canada serves as a cautionary tale for the West, it also offers glimmers of hope through the brave individuals fighting for their freedoms.

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  1. Crock of Right Wing Fundamentalist
    Extremist shite

  2. What a load of right wing balls.

  3. This is just propaganda. Most of it turned out to not be true at all. Just paranoid people who cannot deal with this modern life.

  4. hear it from a canadian resident, it’s all true, canada needs a reform, ignore all the clueless leftists who can’t define what a woman is in the comments and let them seethe.

  5. Practical warning of leftist failures in power – sad that Canada was ground zero for this experiment yet should help rest of reasonable thinking free world be informed to stay clear of electing these types of weirdos into power.

    • The FPP voting system enables a minority of the population to install “these types of weirdos into power”. 68% of Canadians did not vote for this government, yet here we are with ” weirdos in power”.

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  8. I guess the rich haven’t been getting their yearly tax breaks for a few years now and Pierre is right idiot to help them become richer.

  9. Absolute rubbish, pure alt right propaganda, disregard this.

    • Yeah nothing to see here move along. When you exit the boxcars women and children to the left and men to the right, Right Baba?

  10. Finally! A well made investigative report that exposes the darkness spreading across Canada. So-called “progressives” are destroying this nation from within with their narrow-minded agendas. All under the guiding hand of the most hated, racist, corrupt, anti-caucasian Prime Minister in Canadian history. The problems here are much worse and systemic than they are able to show in this report. It really only shows the tip of the iceberg. A good, if disturbing, watch.

  11. A documentary centered on a word the Right can’t even define? What could possibly go wrong?

  12. Progressives are going to hate this. They want the Marxist/Communism/socialism that killed more people than The Third Reich. October 2023 and Trudeau is trying to control the food supply via interference and deception. His carbon tax has caused all the grocery store price increases, he is blaming the stores. If these progressives get their wish they will own nothing and they sure as hell will be just as miserable as they are today.

  13. This documentary was keen on persuading a Conservative & Christian perspective of what Canada should be. The interview with the vet was heartbreaking but the interviewer lacks any sort of charisma and their monotonous voice does not help.
    All in all it was a cheap take and a cheap film. 1/5

    • This is nothing but Right Wing Propaganda.

      • yes and i want the right to be neo nazi, i feel this deeply, the whole thing is fucked denying people the right to be as they see themselves to flaunt their beliefs in the face of those they know are small minded and offended by the lifestyle chosen, simply no compassion or empathy. is it not an earned national right by way of creating the very nation that now denies my right to signal the salute and shout to my messiah, so much hate by those rainbow people that sit in the right wing of parliament house.
        but at least that hate filled 50’s family ideology is dead so that’s a win eh Jazzy

      • It’s a bit more than that and you know it Toots.

  14. What is this anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-human garbage doing on here??

    • anti human ? so if not like you then its anti……………… must be hard living in your head. You ain’t seen nothing yet, its going to get harder due to your own inspiration, you’ve shown the way for the next generation of what about me. transhumanism; when genetics can be morphed to create exactly as the individual feel they should be, you know half walrus half human that sort of thing, until it becomes something even you will decry. by that stage you will be far lonlier than you feel today

    • That’s no way to talk about Trudeau .

    • Hi Transmothra,
      This reply is just to remind you how much this can help people to understand the world. He’s also trying to help people to improve themself.
      Your comment is just useless, toxic and it shows hypocrit you are because what u are doing, it is what you’re saying say in your comment. So please next time don’t be silly and be more human, please.

      • Explain how this helps people improve themselves? How is a very skewed and bias twisting of facts a good thing to present as the truth?

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