Cannabis Cultivation: I grow Green

Well shot, well edited, and paced quickly enough that you don’t get bored, but slowly enough that important topics are covered in depth. Where else are you going to find an instructional documentary that takes you inside growrooms? For a younger generation, (accustomed to learning visually) this DVD is an invaluable resource. Of course, if you’re a serious student, read the book, but the DVDs are a great place for the novice to start.

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  1. Mr.Green are you mother nature’s husband?

  2. Growers need to make a living aswell so if that makes me a capitalist well so be it .I generally love growing helps me with my depression,it feeds,and clothes my family and tucks me into bed a night ,people love putting labels on people ,I’m what’s called a drug dealer,but I don’t shoot people and have never hung about around schools,to get young kids addicted to my evil weed ? wake up world or should I say England, legelise cannabis now ,take the power out of the gangsters hands ,so we can educate and let our kids know what they will be ingesting?

  3. Great documentary, but it is sad that there is mention about autoflowering plants!

  4. Its a video about how to grow and its awesome.

  5. Its a video about how to grow and its awesome.

  6. Organic, slow growing, deeply relaxing, wild bush. Its still around kids:)

  7. I Grow Green???????? Indoor grows are by definition NOT green. WTF??? I am so sick of cannabis growing not being held to the same environmental standards as everything else. Growers are capitalists now, causing massive environmental destruction, not sweet hippies growing some peaceful herb. I grow, but w/M. Nature. This kind of shit just pisses me off….

    • Everyone can’t grow outside due to prohibition. Nothing wrong with growing indoors dude. You can be in control of the environment.

  8. This is actually ridiculously informative if youre looking to start a grow. I’m not… but…. pretty impressive.