Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond

This is a very well narrated documentary that focuses on three case studies to reveal the striking similarities in the indoctrination methods each uses to achieve long-term effects. It is a film that serves as a reminder that we are all vulnerable to persuasion and long-term conditioning, and one that provokes serious consideration of the far-reaching implications of any form of psychological manipulation.

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  1. Hypnosis is fast becoming a treatment method that is widely accepted by the general public. It is because it’s safe and inexpensive unlike Pills and drugs. Yes indeed it is effective and i am a living proof to that. I have trouble quitting my smoking in the last two years but since i met Dr. Bannister from london hypnotherapy, everything change according to my will to change. Now i can confidently say that i am clean for 5 months and trust me, seeing a stick of cigarette makes me wanna throw up.

  2. “we are all vulnerable to persuasion and long-term conditioning”

    Not only are we all vulnerable, we are all victims. It’s called culture. Until you see your own operating system, you will never be free of it.

  3. Can anyone tell me who that hypnotist is 5 mins in? He was explaining what was going on in the trance to a class of people. He seemed really good at triggering the subtle changes in consciousness. Man, it reminds me of times I was really high.

  4. OMG! How old are some of these clips? One clip looks like it was from Saturday Night Fever.

  5. I actually rather enjoyed this one. The first and last five minutes were spliced youtube footage with an agenda, but everything else seemed objective and well made.

    Despite being an older documentary, it makes a lot of great points.

  6. Excellent video… I wonder why some people gave negative comments? Maybe because the video exposes some truths that are hard to swallow?

  7. For the power of beLiefs, see the evangelically possessed evoking their demons; opium is the religion of the people. I have misquoted intentionally as it is the truer statement.

  8. not bad, but not great

  9. What utter rubbish…

  10. waste of time 🙁

  11. I always wondered how many people that may not have got a disease from smoking, get it because they are “told” / constantly bombarded with images and suggestions that they will get sick. Perhaps these warnings are not in the best interests of the target group? Might want to rethink this Health Canada. Could open a whole class action suit against the government, instead of the tobacco companies if research on the power of suggestion produces firm verifiable evidence.