Cari Hutan: In Search of Forest

“Cari Hutan – In the Search of Forest”.
According to several Indonesian environmental NGOs (REDD-Monitor and
WatchIndonesia) “Cari Hutan” might be the most informative, educative,
yet thrilling and amusing documentary ever made in Indonesia about the
subject of deforestation. “Cari Hutan” is, above all, a road movie
that takes the audience on a journey, by hitchhiking and boat, through
Kalimantan in search of the last remaining forests. Eventually it
follows the traces of destruction to Jakarta and Germany. Not only
locals, the inhabitants of the forests, farmers and loggers are being
interviewed, but also prominent journalists, scientist and most
importantly Prof. Bungaran Saragih, former Minister of Agriculture and
Forestry of Indonesia, who is responsible for a large part of the

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  1. Exceptional. I loved how the message of ‘throwing money’ does not work and how holistic measures must be taken. Collect moments not ‘things’. Materialism hurts us all in the long run.. Florian what next for you?!

    • Hey there! Thanks for your appreciation! I study Forest Ecosystem Management at the University of Eberswalde now (close to Berlin, Germany). Check out my blog for updates and the various other films and projects of Augefilms. augefilms(dot)blog(dot)com



  2. What an incredible and insightful journey, thank you for sharing it.x

  3. If u want to happy family, u must keep on ur family about all and still keep romatice in ur family.The first thing so that ur mind happy family is still keep on God n always keep ur relationship with God.

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  4. @Alen: Thanks for this overwhelmingly positive and motivating comment, duuude.
    First of all, do I seem like a guy to you who sits around all day waiting for a paradigm shift to drop from the sky?
    Second, buying vegetables and organic soya instead of meat, does make a difference. Of course the way soya is used today “sucks”, because shit loads of it, genetically modified, is used to feed live stock. Soya is a critical issue indeed! There is a great new documentary on that: “Raising Resistance”. If you eat one kilo of industrially bred beef, it is the equivalent of eating around 50kg of tofu – because you have to feed a cow 50kg of GM Monsanto Soya in order for it to gain 1kg of meat. Palm Oil used to be consumed by Indonesian as a cooking oil and basic staple food for centuries – now it’s being used for bio fuels and cosmetics etc. That’s where things become critical.
    Third, there are a few people in this world who have a job and living space that doesn’t enable them to grow their own vegetable garden.
    Fourth,”stop breeding like rabbits, but thats mostly not a problem of the west, it’s the problem of east. when we allow them to develop and bring education to everyone, they will stop breeding too” – I see your point, but I must say this comes across slightly offensive and simple-minded.
    Overall, you got a point and I appreciate your efforts (I sincerely hope that you actually do all of what you’ve preached above). Nevertheless, personally, your comment had a very intimedating effect on me.
    Florian, director of this film.

  5. Or even better, watch it as a playlist:

  6. For those of you having trouble loading this version, the film is now also available on youtube in 10-minute-portions:
    Part 1:

  7. dude you cant hope for paradigm shift, you must do it yourself. you wont save world by buying vegetarian foods from malls, youll save it by growing your own food and making your life self sustainable, without buying any products from anybody. buying only favors, services, workers. your own home grown food and your own homegenerated energy makes us free of this current greed paradigm in the world. also, the access to fresh water. and most importantly, stop breeding like rabbits, but thats mostly not a problem of the west, it’s the problem of east. when we allow them to develop and bring education to everyone, they will stop breeding too. soja sucks, watch documentaries on that.

  8. great doc, have not been this informed in a while. A lot of new content that other docs neglect, takes place in 2011, about palm oil, mining, poverty, climate change, and politics of indonesia

    Watch this doc, everyone must know.