Carl Cox 24/7

Carl Cox is synonymous with dance music. Considered by fans, peers and colleagues as one the world’s best DJs, Carl has become a living legend in the music business. His career has already spanned over 25 years, from the early days of rave to his continued success as a globetrotting superstar DJ. This is your chance to see an exclusive documentary covering the everyday life of one of the world’s most loved and revered DJs. Never before has anyone been granted this kind of access into Carl’s life outside of DJing.

Shot continuously over 12 months, the film follows Carl around the world, taking in London, America, Australia, Ibiza and Barbados. Everyone knows Carl Cox the DJ from his mix CDs and DJ sets, so instead we give you an insight into Carl’s personal everyday life as he splits his time between jet-setting across the globe, riding his beloved motorbikes, attending interviews, hanging out with friends, family and collaborators and kicking back on his rare moments off.

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  1. Too much credit given to blacks in dance music when european, south american, and middle eastern dj’s make 98% of the industry for the past 20 years.. where were the blacks in mid 90’s and 2000s at all these dance concerts…. they claim hip hop let them have that materialistic and anti white filled genre

    • “Blacks” invented the dance music that we know and love. Everybody has since jumped on and it’s grown and grown to the huge beast it is now. Get to know your history and stop spreading such racist nonsense. Oh wait, just stop being racist.

      • Sorry but that is nonsense. There is absolutely not the slightest bit of evidence anywhere whatsoever in the world that has ever suggested that black people invented dance music. I hear this a lot and it’s not that I want say you are wrong cause I am a white dance music inventor who wishes to protect us whities either. As with slavery, music, movies and most everything else, I think you will find white people, and black people co create alongside one another, together beautifully.

    • Blacks have had a hand in almost all music genres. And, have even created a couple, i.e. Jazz and Rap.You just simply have to live with it and get the fuck over it. There is nothing you can do about it. Now, back to the documentary at-hand. Carl Cox is an amazing D.J., who is still kicking ass today. Oh, yeah, and he is black.

  2. Carl Cox is a legend. I really enjoyed this documentary