Carthage: The Roman Holocaust

In 146 BC the city of Carthage located in Tunisia had been under siege for three years when the Roman General Scipio and his army broke through the gates of the city and from that moment on innocent people had only weeks to live, no one would be spared. The orders were precise, “leave not one building standing, not one person alive” what followed was a holocaust. Along with a new archaeological dig by Dr. Richard Miles of Cambridge University, this film uncovers new evidence of these atrocities from examining the unearthed burned layer which has remained buried for millennia.

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  1. The romans caught carthage off guard. They put a lot of effort into building the ships they learned how to build from carhthage and used their technology to defeat them. Carthage should have been more prepared for potential war or invasion to keep a grip on the trade routes, mines, and the seas.