Carts of Darkness

Murray Siple’s feature-length documentary follows a group of homeless men in Canada who have combined bottle picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. This subculture depicts street life as much more than the stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media. The film takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk.

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  1. Superb web page. A good amount of handy information and facts in this article. Now i am transmitting the item to a couple of good friends ans moreover expressing in tasty. As well as, thanks a lot on your efforts!

  2. A strange doc about a sub sub-culture. These guys are pathetic, troubled, irresponsible drunks, but their downhill slide seems a little gentler than the one that drug users typically undergo. One of the oddest docs I have ever seen.

  3. Thanks for a amazing view in to a world most of us would never be able to come close.

  4. 70kmh down hill drunk riding a trolley ?…DIG IT !

  5. Great documentary Murray siple.  

  6. Great documentary Murray siple.  

  7. my brother and i saw a man bombing gough street hill @ turk st. in sf. he entered the intersection with a red light @ 3:15am, about 5 feet in front of me on the passenger side of our auto. being a skater for over 25 years i thought “RAD” as he passed us going around 35-45 mph. a car who was going through the intersection (w/green light & headlights off) probably drunk due to the hour hit the front of the cart hurling the man higher than the street light breaking his back in 7 places. he was dead about a minute and a half later and the driver of the car fled the scene, pretty hard to maneuver a shopping cart and imposable to stop at that kind of speed. only try this if you really want to die and dont care how traumatic it might be for anyone who might witness it! nice work though…

  8. wow….

    super insight fella.
    good job.
    interesting can’t help but admire the freedom but also the agony of addiction!!!

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