The Case of Annie McCarrick

This disappearance of Annie McCarrick is one of Ireland’s most infamous missing person’s cases, it stunned the population of Ireland. How was it that a beautiful, vibrant, and intelligent young American woman who had come to regard Ireland as her second home could mysteriously vanish without a trace?

Annie was well capable of minding herself, originally from Long Island, New York she was streetwise and used to city living but she did have an idyllic view of Ireland, she loved the culture, the music, the craic and somehow must have fallen prey to the very worst type of person in Ireland.

On the evening of March 26th, 1993, somewhere between Dublin and the Wicklow mountains, Annie disappeared. Theories proposed include that she may have fallen victim to a serial killer operating in the area, or that her disappearance may have been linked to the IRA.

There are more than 3,000 unsolved murders and tens of thousands of missing people in the United Kingdom and Ireland and in this special, we hear from criminologist Donal McIntyre who has brought together a team of specialist investigators. Together they work with the original detectives of this case in order to re-examine the evidence in an attempt to bring some fresh information to light. Bringing some closure to the friends and family of Annie McCarrick.

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  1. Someone is missing ,yes someone is missing , someone is killed, yes someone is killed, well the case is very interesting but the documentary is boring. When you have nothing to say about the case that’s all rihgt with me but why publish it?

  2. This documentary added absolutely nothing toward the resolution of the case. It was merely a repetitive recap of known facts. It deserves a 2-star rating at best.

  3. wow i can’t explain