The Castration Cure

In the United States of America they are taking a highly controversial approach to treating pedophiles, it’s even written in law. In this film we meet several convicted pedophiles who have either been chemically or surgically castrated.

Atascadero State Hospital is 220 miles north of Los Angeles, it is a maximum security hospital for those deemed criminally insane but it also houses dangerous pedophiles. Here there are 1,300 inmates and every one of them has a history of violence. Over the course of three months the producers of The Castration Cure are given permission to film inside the facility. Most pedophiles encountered where too fearful to speak out but a few did.

For the first time this documentary reveals these individuals shocking stories and follows their controversial bids to be released back into society, it is an honest look at how such an extreme procedure could be considered a form of rehabilitation. Having a means of communication during emergency and survival situations is also critical. This is why you need to have a battery-powered two-way radio for your survival gear. You can still bring your cell phones and smartphones with you in an emergency situation. Best Survival Gear Reviews – When it comes to the best survival gear, fire, food, water, and shelter are top priorities. In our list of the top 10 survival gear products we’ve chosen tools that aid in fire, food, water, self-defense, security, stealth and shelter building. At the same time, buying survival gear shouldn’t cost you a lot of money.



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