Catching A Monster: Peter Scully, Australia’s Most Evil Predator

Peter Scully was on the run for four years and considered Austrailia’s most evil predator. He was the mastermind behind a worldwide pedophile ring which he ran from a remote corner of the Philippines, he thought he was beyond reach but Scully turned out to be wrong and in this episode of Austrailia’s 60 Minutes we are taken inside the global manhunt for Scully and the unbending commitment to track him down by authorities. It is also an unprecedented window into the true effort that is taken in order to bring such depraved individuals to justice.


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  1. How has Tara Brown been on 60 Minutes for as long as she has..? Asking a 12yr old girl whether or not her imprisonment, rape, and torture makes her “feel sad” is just brutal journalism.

  2. She is one of the worst interviewers I’ve ever seen. I bet she calls herself a ‘journalist’. That had so much potential for depth, discovery and information – and she just let her feelings get in the way. It must be shocking for her to have seen what she saw, but for God’s sake – her job is to bring us information, not the petty satisfaction of being rude to a disturbed, sick murderer.

    • Yep thinking the same thing all the way through.

      • It’s typical of a show that has always been condescending to the intelligence of an audience, and appealing to people’s semi-Pavlovian response to sensationalist media that hopes to create an emotionally hysterical response. People wonder why we’re floundering emotionally as a species…this sums it up for me:

        Problem + sensationalism + emotional porn = continued drama

        Problem + understanding + correct action = solution

        • Yep. Very hard to find decent documentaries. As for “floundering emotionally as a species” this isn’t the reason it’s just a symptom. En masse we are pretty uncomplicated and stupid.

          • True, very true. I like your style. Perhaps I’m overly optimistic in a strange sense, but I feel like with a polymath style media, and a great education system, the human race would be capable of incredible leaps and bounds. We’re just in a phase of fear, debt and control. I hope it breaks in my lifetime. I’m in my early 30s now, so maybe by 100 I can upload my noggin. Are there any documentaries in particular that you like? I think that ‘The Fog Of War’ and ‘Going Clear’ have been staples for me. ‘Citizenfour’ is very solid. As far as the sciences go, Cosmos, the original Carl Sagan series is a bit tragically retro – but interesting none the less. The one they just put up here ‘Which Universe Are We In?’ is quite good. The BBC can make some interesting ones. Or the National Film Board Of Canada.

          • Just watched The Seven Five, that was good.

            One must remember that desire and belief all too often override intellect. Even your desire to look for the best in the human race and your belief in transhumanism are examples of our naivety. We all have a tendency toward such things and yes most of us aren’t even very smart. So the fact that most of us can’t stick to a scientific methodology and strict critical thinking means (in my opinion) the current divide between the logical and the irrational will only get worse not better.

  3. At what point did I say we should be on our best behaviour and bring him flowers? I think you’ve already let your emotions get in the way of making sensible choices…and what has it done for kids? Nothing. You’ve just satisfied yourself. And what information? How about, what tactics were used – how this started – what he looked for in victims – how his urges worked…I can keep going, but it’s kind of gross. The point is, there is a wealth of information that could come out that could ultimately protect children, which is the goal of both of us.