God’s Next Army

Conservative evangelical Christians hold key positions in the US Government and now they're training the next generation to take power... God's Next Army investigates Patrick Henry College (PHC), set up five years ago in Virginia, near Washington DC. Its mission is to train young fundamentalist Christians to become the next generation of America's cultural and political leaders. Though the separa

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Richard Dawkins – The Blind Watch Maker

One of the earliest efforts from Richard Dawkins in his identification and attack on the rise of creationism with the rising star of the US fundamentalist christian demographic. In the important documentary, Dawkins shows ways to easily refute some of the more common creationist arguments.Dawkins begins with the question, "Did everything in Creation fall together by chance or was there an intell

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Who’s Got God’s Millions?

Robert Llewellyn attempts to discover which of the world's top four monotheistic religions has the most money. His journey takes him from Canterbury Cathedral to Vatican City and Israel, as he bids to calculate the income and assets of the Anglican Commune, the Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam.“As an atheist, I’ve always wondered how much money the faiths keep stuffed under the mattress,” sa

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