Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision

A fascinating, 30 year old BBC documentary on the Good Doctor and Ralph Steadman, five years after Nixon’s resignation, and on a road trip to Hollywood (to work on what would become “Where the Buffalo Roam“).Includes an interesting scene of John Dean chatting with Hunter about his Watergate testimony (at about 32 minutes), the birth of the “Re-Elect Nixon Campaign” (with a Bill Murray cameo),

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Bush Family Fortunes

George W. Bush is only the latest and most famous part of the Bush family. He, as well as his father could call themselves “President of the United States of America“. But their history goes far further back. The family has been big in the finance and oil business and always knew how to influence political systems so that they act in their favour. The bush family has a long tradition of telling th

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The Life of the Real “Rocky”

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone was born on July 6th 1946. He is an Academy Award-nominated American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. Stallone has played two famous characters: Rocky Balboa, the boxer who overcame all odds to fight for love and glory, and John Rambo, a courageous soldier who specialized in very violent rescue and revenge missions. His first film role was in a soft-porno-fi

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Mike Tyson: Beyond the glory

Who is this famous boxer who one the title in the WBC, WBA and IBF? Mike Tyson was once the most famous and successful boxer in the world. Mike was the youngest man ever to win a world heavyweight title at just 20 years old.  but his life was not allways easy.This Mike Tyson biography shows the becoming of the fighting machine Mike Tyson until the downfall of his carreer and personal life. In

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Barrack Obama Biography

When he called himself "a skinny kid with a funny name" at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, his political star was already on the rise. By the time he decimated the competition in 2004 race for the Illinois Senate, he was the bona fide golden child of a Democratic party desperately in need of a winner. In many ways, the story of Barack Obama is a uniquely American tale of the 21st century,

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