Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Johannesburg

British TV presenter Louis Theroux (son of Paul) parachuted into South Africa again, this time for the BBC, to look at the policing of crime in Johannesburg. The film focuses on the private security business, mainly the controversial Mapogo a Mathamaga, who mete out violence on the spot to suspected criminals ("an African solution to an African problem," says a farmer who has Mapogo on retainer).

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Off the Chain

Off the Chain is an unprecedented look into the underground world of dog fighting. Beginning with a history of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the film explores the evolution of the breed. Classic film and television footage show the popularity of what was once considered a noble and trustworthy family pet. Examine how this breed went from America's dog to public enemy number one.Travel to the ba

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To Catch a Predator

Over 40 million Americans have seen Dateline’s ongoing popular series To Catch a Predator, which has caught over two hundred potential child predators. While the show exposed this epidemic, Chris Hansen’s book, To Catch a Predator, shares the true stories of families who have been targeted by predators, revealing the tactics predators use to manipulate their victims and why even cautious families

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Ross Kemp: In Search of Pirates

The actor investigates the boom in piracy on the world’s oceans, traveling to some of the planet’s biggest trouble spots to discover the problems faced by potential targets and those trying to protect them. He begins in London, where he discovers the economic impact of hijackings on global trade, before joining a Royal Navy anti-piracy ship in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia. Than he explores the imp

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Lockup: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds on MSNBC. It’s part of MSNBC’s Lockup series. On this special they highlight nine of the most violent inmates the series has ever interviewed. Even if you don’t like watching shows about prison, inmates, etc., this one is a must-watch for those who care about self-defense because it shows the worst of what you might have to deal with: Someone who has nothing to lose. Nine of the mos

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Lockup Raw: The Daily Grind

In this episode, our producers take you behind the scenes and behind prison walls. You will see how the monotony of prison life can push some inmates to the brink. While some use the time wisely, other inmates self-destruct.

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