Presumed Guilty

This is an extraordinary documentary about a case in Mexico about an innocent guy who was put in jail for "presumed murder". The documentary shows how the Mexico's legal justice system is corrupted from the top posts to the bottom, besides, it shows a determined group of attorneys who fought until the end for the justice of this guy.

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The Fight For Water

The 'Fight for Water' is about an oil spill that happened on Feb. 28th, 2009 in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rain forest. About 14,000 barrels of crude oil seeped into the Napo and Coca Rivers, both of which are tributaries of the Amazon River.Through the eyes of the local residents, both indigenous and non-indigenous, the film explores not only the specific case of the Santa Rosa spill, but als

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Rico: The Legacy

English"This documentary (made by Jep Jorba, Miquel Àngel Arnáiz and Ester Casals) is a very humble documentary, in terms of money and material resources. We know that it has its limitations and could be much better.In spite of that fact, the national TV in Catalunya wanted to show it and everything was OK for the broadcasting. We thought that should be no problem with the rights of the so

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[Spanish + Eng Subs] Radio Qman Txun – Chronicle of a mayan village

documental en versión original castellano/mam con subtítulos en inglés. Rodado en Todos Santos Cuchumatán, los diez primeros días de noviembre de 2003. Los mames-mayas celebran la fiesta de la vida desafiando a la muerte; galopan sobre los caballos y bailan en el cementerio para honrar a sus ancestros, manifestando orgullosamente su tradición. Pero la alegría no oculta que el sistemático abuso por

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Spanish Version of Tupac – Resurrection

Title aside, we'll never see the likes of Tupac Shakur again. The late rap superstar was a complex, contradictory figure and, throughout the course of this riveting documentary, it's as if he's back in our world again. Produced by his mother, former Black Panther Afeni Shakur, Tupac Resurrection isn't so much "biased" as it's subjective.In the MTV film, accompanied by a book and soundtrack, di

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