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A Different Pitch

From the rutted football pitches and lethal minefields of Kosovo, comes the compelling story of a football dream amid the on-going Balkan nightmare. Filmmaker Doug Aubrey follows football coach Scotty Lee on a near heart-of-darkness type journey through a country scarred by inter-ethnic hatred and littered with the lethal debris of NATO's war. A Different Pitch is a unique and at times shocking gr

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Touching the Void

To describe Touching the Void as a mountaineering documentary would be to do this breathtaking drama an injustice. By intercutting narration from the climbers themselves with a nail-biting reconstruction of their remarkable adventure in the Peruvian Andes, the film has the best of both genres: the authentic stamp of factual storytelling and the edge-of-the-seat tension of a dramatic movie.In 198

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When We Were Pirates

After the months following 9/11 two Americans and two Norwegians travel to Bangladesh to begin an incredible journey. Born from the mind of a young adventurer, Daniel Casanova, these twenty-two year olds set out to build a traditional sailboat to sail 7,000 miles to Australia. The shoestring would-be adventurers settle down in Cox's Bazar, a sleepy third-world fishing town and begin their preparat

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Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday

Louis Theroux journeys to the centre of the controversial South African hunting industry. It's big business, attracting thousands of holiday hunters annually. Keeping wild animals fenced in on farms has made it cheaper and easier to hunt than ever before, but Louis discovers that this industry, instead of endangering species, has actually increased animal numbers.Staying at a safari hunting lodg

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Human Weapon: Karate

Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to Okinawa, Japan, the home of one of the most famous and deadly martial arts, Karate. Their journey takes them to a 600 year-old castle where they spend time practicing Iron Body Training, an ancient temple where they learn heart-stopping vital point strikes and go through training regiments of ancient Karate masters, and finally leading to a Kumite(sparr

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Facing Goliath

The award winning and nationally broadcast documentary about Ray Taylor and his natural bodybuilding friend, Sebastian MacLean. When at age 50 Ray discovers that he is going blind, he is challenged by Sebastian to begin a journey of physical and emotional transformation. Facing Goliath follows Ray as he changes from a 232lb couch Potatoe into a competitive bodybuilder.Competing in the world of

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