Darwin’s Nightmare

A harrowing, hard-hitting documentary which shows the devastating effects of the “globalized” economy on the residents of a fishing village in Tanzania. The story starts four decades ago when a species of huge fish is introduced to Tanzania’s Lake Victoria. The fish are now harvested, chopped into filets and shipped to European and Japanese consumers while the Africans who catch and process them a

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The True Story of Black Hawk Down

Real footage is shown to prove that the film Black Hawk Down (2001) was very true to the real events that occurred in Mogadishu in 1993. Actual militia and US rangers are interviewed to tell us the different sides of the conflict when Somalia was under the power of Aidid.

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Standard Operating Procedure

It's impossible to talk about Standard Operating Procedure without referencing Taxi to the Dark Side. Fortunately, both documentaries are vital to any discussion about US military interrogation techniques. While Alex Gibney's Oscar winner uses the death of an Iraqi taxi driver as a framing device, director Errol Morris and writer Philip Gourevitch (We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Ki

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Journalists: Killed in the Line of Duty

Around the world, journalists are increasingly being killed. They die in the crossfire. They die at the hand of criminals and corupt goverments. They die in tragic accidents. In the case of targeted deaths, these acts are meant to bury both the storytellers and the stories they?re driven to write. This film takes us inside the stories of 7 journalists who gave their lives, beginning February 2002,

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Nukes In Space

The problems encountered in the America's cold war rocketry program is dramatically illustrated with a film montage of U.S. missiles spectacularly blowing up on their launch pads. After the Soviets launched Sputnik, America's resolve to be able to wage war in space stiffened, and test detonations of atomic weapons in space began. The effects of these little-known tests were bizarre and included el

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Why We Fight

Why We Fight (2005) is a documentary film directed by Eugene Jarecki about the United States's relationship with war. Its title is an allusion to the World War II-era newsreels of the same name, which were commissioned by the United States to justify their decision to go to war against the Axis Powers.Why We Fight describes the rise and maintenance of the United States military-industrial comple

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