The Celts

The Celts is a six episode documentary series by the BBC that originally aired in 1987 with a soundtrack by Enya. The series itself examines the origins of the Celts, how they grew and influenced from their earliest roots 2,500 years ago. For 800 years this proud, vibrant, warrior people stormed across Europe ruthlessly taking control. With the aid of impressive visual reconstructions we get a good sense of how the Celts lived.

The series consists of the following episodes:

1) The Man with the Golden Shoes

2) The Birth of Nations

3) A Pagan Trinity

4) The Open-Ended Curve

5) The Final Conflict

6) The Legacy

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  1. That Youtube link above is to a 2001 series not the 1987 one described

  2. Ah the myth of the Celts. Why does it endure?