Chairman Mao Declassified

One of the most formidable leaders that the world has ever seen, Mao was undeniably a brilliant political and economic mind, despite his role as a progenitor of 20th Century Communism and a homicidal despot.

This program tells Mao’s unusual story – how he decided, early on, that he must “destroy” his country in order to liberate it through reconstruction.

In the process, he harnessed the Chinese extremist youth movement and single-handedly brought about the notorious Cultural Revolution, while murdering millions.

The film draws on a wealth of archival material to tell this strange, disturbing story, and also interpolates interviews with several individuals who lived through Mao’s terrors.

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  1. hong kung was involved

  2. People need indipedence

  3. individaual freedom

  4. individual freedom

  5. I dont like purges

  6. Mao also RAPED 13 year old virgin LITTLE girls he is a monster. 

  7. I think it’s time for a real change in the U.S.; a revolution by the people, for the people. That’s not going to happen by talking about it, the people must unite and take action. The wealthy live well, while the working class suffer. I was turned away at the hospital, about one year ago, because I owed them $250. I’m in far worse shape today, yet I received mail from a collection agency a few days ago stating that I owe the hospital $2,700. I’m too sick to work, and was denied disability last month. I’m only 28 years old, and I live with agonizing pain each and every day. I can’t even afford to go to the health department, much less a specialist, as I’ve been told I need. I don’t advocate anarchy, just the reformation of the bureaucracies and institutions that cater to the wealthy and don’t give a damn about everyone else. The banks, the large conglomerate corporations that spend more at one convention than the average U.S. citizen makes in a year…these people need to be dragged through the streets and humiliated. There is so much division in this country among the people (race, religion, class, politics) that the powers that govern have nothing to fear from us. They can treat us however they like, revoke or “amend” our constitutional rights, and there’s not a thing we can do about it. The reason for this? The complacency of the white middle class. Fifty years from now, our grandchildren may ask why we didn’t do something while we still could. A fence at the border? Give me a break…they might as well put up a sign that reads “No trespassing” for all the good that does. Not that I’m anti-illegal immigrant, because that would make me racist, right. No, I’m just trying to illustrate a point. Do you think it really took them this long to come up with the idea for an electrified fence? I would probably feel a bit disenfranchised if I were latino and came to this country legally. That’s all.

  8. It’s all Social-ism; far degree of left are the cut-throat bolsheviks and turks, far degree to the right and there’s the nazi continguent. So happens that whilst Britian and America had their same civil, cultural and sexual ‘revolutions’ by the same forces, we’ve been succoured on the soft cell of Fabianism which destroys just as surely over time.

    It was from the Russell Trust that the ideologies of communism were first sold to the Chinese (Milner Group RIIF). And of course, all the Jewish revolutionary forces including Hitler, were integrated within the protective walls of City of London Jews. Capitalism was created as the method by which Communism would be supported through tax and black market profits.

  9. @ towelhead

    Yes, because my guess is, you’d know what it’s like to live under a communist regime and you’d know what the difference between a social democrat or what you’d call a left winger and a communist despot. See, you obviously are a byproduct of FOX and CNN propaganda machine with little or absolutely no idea of what anything that you’re actually saying means. You are simply repeating a mantra provided to you by your TV. Do you realize how silly that sounds to anyone else in the world who’s not constantly bombarded by this nonsense? If you’d just turn your TV off for a year or a lifetime, you’d actually laugh at yourself. US left wingers have about as much to do with communism as today’s Republican party has to do with its original roots and ideology. Chew on that one for a minute.

  10. Left-wingers hate this documentary because it is well made.

  11. Wow! and we thought we were revolutionaries or at least the elightened ones, rebels–we were just hippies.