Champions Forever

Five champions together for the last time! Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton. For more than twenty years, these kings of boxing ruled the ring as they passed the world heavyweight title from one to the other. Now, for the first time, see them all come face to face–gloves off–in an unprecedented video event, hosted by Reggie Jackson. In “Champions Forever,” you’ll discover the real men behind the legends, uncover the hidden anguish and secret passions that drove them to greatness. Hear them talk about themselves–and each other–with surprising candor. Relive the most thrilling moments from dozens of their greatest bouts and hear the fascinating truth about how these legends felt when they squared off to do battle. Sponsored by EchoGlobal: Custom Java Development Services This is unlike any sports video you’ve ever seen, an exciting, emotional odyssey through the awesome careers of five bigger than life heroes who, for millions of us, will always be “Champions Forever.”

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  1. I am looking for this film’s recording and version of “My World”. It plays at 1:11:00 after Ken Norton is awarded the WBC title. It’s not Ray Charles. Do the music credits in the film show?

  2. The thing that most people overlook with regards to Ali and Frazier, is that Frazier campaigned on Ali’s behalf to get his license back after he was stripped for refusing to be drafted. He also gave Ali money when he was broke to get him back on his feet, and Ali turned on these acts of benevolence by Frazier by insulting him in the most pejorative way, such as calling him and ‘uncle tom’ and a dumb gorilla.
    In my opinion this was an vicious act of betrayal by Ali and reflected his total self absorption and inability to be thankful and loyal.
    Ali’s Legend will forever be tarnished by this disrespectful and uncompromising ego driven part of his behaviour.
    He was not, also the spontaneous poetical political and cultural commentator that he portrayed, he was hand fed lines like an actor by the Black nationalist movement.
    It was sad to watch frazier die in poverty living in the back of his gym, despite being the first to defeat Ali and also to befriend and help him.
    Fuck Ali and his rampant Ego. An overhyped icon who’s myth is swallowed whole by fools of the sport and only see him as he portrayed himself.

  3. Not to be confused with another documentary of the same name, which is way better.

  4. Ali was surely the smartest heavyweight

  5. Did you see in the second half when all of the all stars were at dinner. Did you see Frazier on one side and Ali on the other side of the interviewer. The interviewer was brave. He should have known better. Something about Frazier that gets Ali going. Ali got up at least three times ready for ali-frazier part four. And holmes said no flash backs. Ali had lots of flashbacks of greatness. Ali even with Parkinson’s is still a charmer. And still all of them show great sportsmanship. Really nice Frazier gave Ali a hug in the end, even though their rivalry continued from time to time. They all had a good time considering.

  6. This documentary shows a lot of good footage and clips. But it is still boring and the music sounds so dull. Doesn’t match the energy of the boxers. Need better music. This is major. Getting all these boxers in interviews is major. Needs more spark.