Chaos Theory and Dynamic Systems

At one time we thought the universe ticked off its motions with stately regularity, however with every development in understanding the world around us we discovered that much of the universe operates in a far more unpredictable way.

Up until recently science had no explanation for such anomalies observed throughout the universe. The atmosphere, the oceans and much of outer space moves like a turbulent fluid and so the scientific interest in chaos has grown significantly over the years.

In this 1989 PBS NOVA special we are taken on an extremely education journey through the strange new science of Chaos. Although some of the footage may seem dated the message is not lost and this film makes for a very interesting watch.

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  1. That guy rolling the dice is a complete idiot, thats a childs game. To bring order out of chaos we also need patterns, hence doubling or tripling or even more, of many singular dots can in itself create a symbol or a geometric shape. Even duplicating or cloning a singular dot many times, for the shapes to be more precise. Try throwing ink on a white sheet and folding it many times, we get a geometric art. You dont need to roll dices the whole day.

  2. Basically a very in depth look into why the weatherman can’t predict the weather.