Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice follows National Geographic photographer James Balog as he sets out across the Arctic in order to deploy several cameras, specifically designed to capture time-lapse footage with the goal of documenting how the landscape is changing over time due to the rapid melting of the world’s glaciers.


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  1. thats not funneh

  2. Funny how National Geographic finds a way to twist everying into a global warming issue. Too bad NG has become political.

  3. I love how no woman has ever desired to have children with me.
    Either that, or my sperm is weak.
    The point is that basically, l can, and will, burn car-tyres for warmth this spring and even then, will still leave less of a carbon footprint than any self-righteous smug yuppie with any amount of kids.

  4. What a narcissist and sook.