Chazz Petrella: The Boy Who Should Have Lived

Having grown up in Cobourg, Ontario, with a loving family which included four older siblings, Chazz Petrella seemed to have an idyllic childhood. He was big into skateboarding and sports in general, like any other child his age he could often be found attempting various daredevil stunts with his best friend, he was full of joy and energy. However once he started school Chazz’s teachers started reporting attention and aggression problems.

At the age of 10 Chazz was diagnosed with ADHD and he would often break out into rages which became so intense his family found them hard to handle. In an effort to improve the situation Chazz’s parents switched his school and put him on medication but neither of these two choices made much difference.

His parents began seeking professional help and Chazz ended up on the files of nine agencies and services – including residential placements. Despite the best efforts of his parents Chazz would eventually go on to take his own life at the shockingly young age of 12. His parents are now calling for an inquest into his death. And they’re not alone.

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