Chernobyl: The New Evidence

In April 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster focused the whole worlds attention on Ukraine. Tens of thousands fled the area, a whole city was abandoned, it was a catastrophe that still reverberates today with Chernobyl being on the frontline of war and now a cache of new evidence from secrets files in Ukraine reveals the role of the soviet KGB.

The KGB files contain warnings that the atom plant was like a huge time bomb but soviet leaders ignored them. Chernobyl is still highly radioactive today despite the recent Russian invasion the threat of exposure must be contained.

This new evidence reveals how Ukraine and Russia have been fighting the secret battle of Chernobyl.

Directed by: Tom Adams , Dan Chambers

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  1. Excellent documentary, a must watch. Although broken here I did find the full show at:

  2. Chernobyl was a part of Russia when it happened…


    • Putin has embarrassed Russia. It’s the laughing stock of Earth rite now. Loosing an unprovoked invasion and killing non combatants. Sit down.

    • You don’t need propaganda to “place Russia in a bad light”. They do a pretty good job of doing that to themselves.

      • Putin is a modern-day hitler, but the populace doesn’t rise up against him and depose him either.