The Cheshire Murders

In July of 2007, Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were brutally murdered, while her husband Dr. William Petit, was the only one to escape alive after being injured during a home invasion that took place in the quite suburb of Cheshire, Connecticut. This HBO special, explores the bizarre but gripping events that horrified not only a town but a nation and resulted in a politically charged death-penalty trial. As this film dives deeper into the story the biggest tragedy is made clear, the crime itself could have been prevented at several turns.

As it happens in August 2015 the state of Connecticut chose to abolish the death penalty, meaning that those found guilty of this crime have since had their death sentences turned into life sentences.

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  1. They did not do a good job they botched this investigation because they were to much of cowards to go do their damn job. I hate seeing stuff like this, it is absolutely disgusting and these people died due to police negligence you can’t tell me otherwise.

  2. i am left to wonder what turns a baby into such monster?

  3. It is utterly disgusting that these two steaming piles of canine excrement are able to breathe the same air as honest, responsible, and hard-working citizens of this once-great nation.

    They deserve nothing more than to die a slow, painful death and rot in hell for eternity.