Children’s Past Lives

Around the world children from different backgrounds and religions have described a life they have lived before. The belief in the survival of the soul in an ancient one but the fact that these children talk about events which seem beyond their childhood experience is considered by some to be evidence of reincarnation.

At the division of Personality Studies in Charlottesville Virginia, there are 2,700 documented cases of children who talk about a previous life. These children come from around the world, Southern Asia, Western Africa, Europe and the United States, scientists at this center of international research are hoping to find proof of reincarnation so they carefully investigate new cases as they emerge.

In Children’s Past Lives we hear from several of these children as they tell their stories of past lives, and the people willing to connect them to the truth.

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, I made stories about my past life. I was lying obviously. So I can’t take this seriously.