China Blue

Shot clandestinely at a blue jeans factory in southern China where 17-year-old Jasmine and her friends work around the clock for pennies a day, CHINA BLUE reveals what international retail companies don’t want us to see: how the clothes we buy are actually made.

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  1. This link doesn’t work anymore, but the doc is available on Pirate Bay, just search “China Blue PBS”

  2. this link wont work for me. it says it is not available due to restrictions 🙁

  3. This documentary has been pulled. Please remove the link. Some people do not want the truth to be told.

  4. It seems too easy talk about the new industrial coutry like china. But we europeans and americans forgot what the industrial revolution done to their citizens at the begining, So all right in our pespective that seems wrong, but china don´t pass the industrial revolution, this is there time to learn whith there own mistakes! make more fair trade and more tolerance whith other nations. Simply don´t buy any thing if you don´t want!

  5. Seeing this documentary was refreshing to me. As an American, I’m glad to know that the young Chinese are working very long hours to produce many of the goods that I buy. These are hard working gooks and I for one am very thankful.

    • Why are anti-Semites so stupid, they don’t even know how to use their own doragatory terms? Didn’t think this doc took place in Vietnam. Maybe watch it again and try to take alittle more from it eh. DumbAss

  6. One thing that impressed me is the strong sense of family these young people have. Their life seems to be dedicated to helping their families and that is a very admirable quality to see.

    • That’s because they have nothing else yet!
      When they all eventually become prosperous like the west then watch the family unity disintegrate like it has done in 1st world nations.

  7. @Fergal

    Please pay closer attention before identifying all English speaking people as “dumb yanks”…. that delegation was CANADIAN

  8. What a ridiculous statement someone made near the beginning, “I think if China was the lone super-power the World would be much happier”.

    Are you joking, on drugs or drunk! While I agree with your feelings about Asian people THE VERY LAST THING WE WANT IS CHINA AS A LONE SUPERPOWER!

    Torture, murder, corruption, fascism, no respect for ethics, moral or the natural environment…..China as a lone SUPERPOWER would (and is already) plunging the world into new DARK AGES………….

    See Bo Xilai and Chongching!

    While the Chinese people themselves are lovely people, just victims, the Chinese gov itself has NOTHING to offer anyone that we need or want!

    When will the nightmare end?

  9. @John “Every country has used cheap labor”, but this is not cheap labor this is globalization, this is fat americans and europeans minimizing their costs and taking advantage of less fortunate people. Throughout its modern history China has produced nothing but “SHIT.” You couldnt not possibly compare a product made in Japan or Germany or America or Russia to something made in China. Video Piracy? who gives a fuck about stealing movies. Im talking about piracy of products, like Armani Clothers, Rolex watches, shit they are even coping BMW, Mrcedes, Rolls Royce. China should only buy products not manufacture them.

  10. dat dumb yank at 13:16 with the rose-tinted glasses..i would find it hard to restrain myself from punching her in the nose..

  11. God help this earth. Parasitic western companies exploiting the slave labour of countires like this, with no regard for the pollution of our planet, and human misery. Driven by profit and greed. For fucks sake wake up everyone.

    • Blame the overpaid corporate BS positions in every company, Half are not even needed and are just made up to fill in positions for uni grad students!
      Where as the people lower on factory floor doing the hard work and pushed more and more are on minimum wages, This still happens in Western countries not just Asia.

  12. Maybe China needs another, actual communist revolution.

  13. @fuckgreece

    “You cant develop an economy by producing shitty products and paying your citizens 50c an hour!”

    Every other developed nation has used cheap labor and child labor in the past. China is a developing country, it’s woes will slowly work itself out in time as many other countries have.

    “Every single thing the chinese make from clothes, industrial, electrical, mechanical, computers, furniture etc is SHIT!” I beg to differ. You don’t realize half the things that are made in China and exported. From microchips to metal bolts used in products manufactured in other countries. The items you are referring to was made to be cheap and disposable and are made to be the cheapest product in it’s respective market. Of course it’s going to be shit if it was made to be a shitty product. Where as products made to last you will never even see or bother to check because it’s working.

    And in terms of video piracy, Russia is ahead. Fuck your generalizations.

    • You are both half right!
      The products are poor mostly but that is because they are just starting out(industrial) so to speak. Give it another decade and they will be producing quality products.
      I remember way back in the early 80’s the same thing was said about Japanese cars, Everyone would be like ewwww look at that piece of jap crap, fast forward a decade or two later and it’s the complete opposite, EVERYONE respects Japanese built cars because of their quality/performance/reliability.
      China will be no different, I work with rope in my job (height safety/fall protection). I have noticed the changes already happening, When we first ordered rope from a Chinese company it was pretty crap, knots in it every few metres making it impossible to cut a 15m or more length needed for an order, or it was too hard or too soft. Now it’s already at the same quality and in some cases better as the rope we ordered from other countries yet it’s cheaper!
      I wish China all the success but I hope they do not follow western ways, This system currently in place is BS. Corporate world is rewarded for half assed efforts, Yet the people below them on factory floor literally busting their bodies doing the work of 2 people are on pathetic minimum wages. It should be the opposite, For the privilege of sitting on their ass all day in some office doing stuff all they should be on minimum wage, and the people breaking their backs actually earning the company and investors money should be on higher wages!

  14. A really good doc; never a dull moment. Considering how difficult it must have been to film in the factory everything looked and sounded good.

    Mr. Lam is a sociopath, but you gotta admire him for getting to where he is now. He’d be pulling out his hair if he was stuck with North American teenagers in his factory!

    I admire those young, hard working Chinese kids; they’re amazing; that’s why our manufacturing industries have ditched us for greener pastures. Why should’t they if they can get away with it?

    It was real sad seeing how the young workers are treated and I’m wondering how many years can someone keep up that kind of frenetic pace with hardly any sleep? Where will these kids be 5 or even 10 years from now? Where else could they work if there is no time or money for better education?

  15. @denbenenki
    Most respectful
    Most disciplined
    Most industrial (hard working)
    Most humble

    LOL, #1. Over 80% of the World Piracy happens in China, #2 every single thing the chinese make from clothes, industrial, electrical, mechanical, computers, furniture etc is SHIT! #3 the only Race in the planet who can OUT JEW a JEW are the Chinese. you cant develop an economy by producing shitty products and paying your citizens 50c an hour! China will destroy the World Economy!

  16. Asian people are the best among the world. Generally speaking, they are the
    • Most respectful
    • Most disciplined
    • Most industrial (hard working)
    • Most humble
    And there may be other “mosts” I am forgetting.
    I think if China was the lone super-power the World would be much happier.
    Aside from all my positive thoughts about Asia, I am troubled by these type of reports whereas the people seem to struggle and the authorities seem indifferent, even overly harsh, for example, the owner was describing his workers, that they were uneducated—he certainly talked of them in a subservient form.
    Why is there no warmth between the Classes of Asian people?

    • Because that is the typical mindset of brainwashed idiots that are in the corporate world.
      The 1% earning more than the other 99% think they are special, One day there will be a global revolution to balance it out, Heads will roll like French revolution, Maybe when economy collapses from corporate greed, The rich will be roasted on a spit for dinner seeing as there will be no resources left!

  17. As a Chinese worker…watching this make me sad ..very very sad..I remember my old times working in Southern China.The authority are always talk about “economic booming”…”How great Our nation is”..and so on….But our bro & sis are getting tireder weaker …