The Choice is Ours

The Choice is Ours is a film by The Venus Project, it explores many aspects of our society and sets about rethinking the possibilities available to us in our world, dispelling the myth of so called “Human Nature”, insisting that it is our environment which shapes our behaviour and shows us what type of world we could live in given the motivation to improve.

We learn of the social structures which are currently in place and how they impose our values and behaviours, revealing how our monetary system us obsolete and increasingly insufficient with regards to the needs of most people around the world. We see how most of humanity is inspired by visions of global unity and peace but yet we have never truly achieved this, even though we are perceived to be technically advanced, it seems our values and behaviors are not. Leaving the possibility of an optimistic future in stark contrast to our current social, economic, and environmental dilemmas.

Featuring many interviews from notable scientists, media professionals, authors, and other thinkers we learn of the vision of The Venus Project and how we could plan to build an entirely new world from the ground up.


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  1. Jacque Fresco is a genius. The Venus Project is sustainable. ..but as the title states ‘The Choice is Ours’

  2. This call to change, to unity and a mass collective upheaval of the worlds infrastructure has proven to be beyond our capacity. Human beings do have inherent nature, and trying to assert something so simplistic as denying a human nature exists is ridiculous.
    The problem lies not with an inability to achieve a given goal, it is the denial and mis-approximation of human nature; We have become infected with notions of greatness, of wonderful virtues and brilliant altruism, philanthropy and so-on.
    The mass media and the political-corporate classes have us living in a hyper reality in which trite and forced optimism, self improvement, obsession with health and image creates the myth that we are noble, compassionate beings at heart, yet we are not.
    Change will only come in either of two ways: firstly when it is perhaps too late, and the planet is in such a terrible state that it begins to impact personally on a majority of people; in other words, people will do little or nothing if it doesn’t affect them, and the problem is to complex.
    Secondly, (and this is just as unlikely as the suggestion of sudden global change for the better) when human beings face the reality of their nature, that they are driven by a biological need to survive, are selfish, self centred, and only care about things that directly impact them. The rest is just conforming to society’s expectation of us to behave in an acceptable way.
    We are an inherently destructive species, and I sadly believe that although the drama queens and apocalypse addicts keep telling us the world is about to explode, we should be so lucky. It will take an agonisingly long time for the planet to become uninhabitable, and little will change.
    Hand wringing and sliding into delusions about the afterlife won’t save us either. Amor Fati!

    • “…a mass collective upheaval of the worlds infrastructure has proven to be beyond our capacity..”
      We’ve already done it at least once.
      Besides – we don’t have a choice. If we carry on as we are we will go extinct. You don’t have to be a genius to see that. The change is already gathering pace. The renewables revolution is at the same stage that the automobile industry was in around 1905 to 1910. Within two decades western transport switched from horse to cars.
      And you are missing the whole point of the doco – he is pointing out that helping each other is a kind of selfishness as, in the long term, it benefits the individual doing the helping. It’s no accident that the most successful species on the planet got where it is by forming groups of people who were mutually supportive.

  3. GOD warned Adam and Eve about a presence on the Garden of Eden Earth, and to stay away from it. The presence was the Evolved Human Beings that were already on the Garden of Eden Earth, and the evolved Human Beings created Religions and Governments through superstitions; thus, it was noticed that serpents shed their skin and look young again as though they have eternal life, and this became the birth of Religions where it talks to people of how they need to live in order to receive eternal life and that they can be like GOD; thus, Holy, and Religions are defined in The Old World Language as, “The Talking Serpent.” Then Religions created Governments with Laws that the people have to live by, and these Laws defined Good and Evil; and these Governments are defined in The Old World Language as, “The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil,” and this was the birth of Governments. GOD warned Adam and Eve to stay away from the Human Beings and what they have created because they are Death to GOD’S plan. Therefore, it is no mystery that the Human Beings have never saved the Garden of Eden Earth with Unity, Spirituality, and Peace, and the Human Beings Species are a complete Failure to GOD’S plan; just as, Christianity imposes itself upon people, Judaism imposes itself upon people, and Islam imposes itself upon people, and these Religions make the atrocities that their own Governments commit an act as though it is supported by GOD, and that they are GODLY of the atrocities; therefore, it is no mystery that if GOD says they are “Death” to GOD’S Plan than they are Death just as GOD has spoken, and as long as they are major players upon this Garden of Eden Earth there will “NEVER” be a Global Unity and Global Peace, and that is the sad sick truth, and it is just as GOD spoke, “They Are Death!” EYE 5

    • Oh please. Just shut up. You sound utterly unhinged.

    • Oh, one more thing: spelling god in caps lock doesn’t make him more powerful. Your rambling nonsense rationalisation that dubiously and fantastically that links religious myth with current world events has been conveniently done to death. god is redundant. Useless. And constant revision won’t revive the fairy tale.

    • You need to change your reading list. god is dead, in fact he never existed; except inside your over-imaginative mind.