Back in January of 2013, Laura Poitras a documentary filmmaker who received the MacArthur Genius Fellowship award in 2012 and shared a 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service was a few years into creating a documentary about the increase in surveillance America saw post 9/11 when she suddenly received several encrypted e-mails from a mysterious source, calling themselves “citizen four”. Citizenfour was prepared to blow the whistle on the surveillance programs set up by the NSA and other such intelligence agencies.

Citizenfour was of course Edward Snowden, and in June of 2013 once this became apparent Poitras and reporter Glen Greenwald flew to Hong Kong to have their first of many filmed interviews which later helped to create this movie.

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  1. COPY TO NEW TAB => PLUS.GOOGLE.COM/109889656242014207768/posts/V221fBcCkyJ


    CIA employee Edward Snowden leaks thousands of classified documents to the press ENJOY !!!

  2. Hope everyone here is watching this video using a nice secure OpenVPN connection.

  3. Just a juvenile observation, but the guy/Attorney he left with…..was called Mr. Man.

  4. I love how on the early case scene the NSA defense are basically saying, that the case should be ignored or thrown out of court as it could damage or potentially cause a risk of National Security what a bullshit argument from the defense, I do like that at least the federal court don’t bow down immediately though.. it has to be said that am very skeptical that federal court is the right place for this cases as most, let be honest, dont really understand the technical problems or breaches of security and privacy invasion on this cases. They need someone with actual background and understanding of what the actual technology is capable of doing not just the data being collected.

    Maybe is just me as a Computer Network Technician.

  5. Snowden will be caught one way or another. These lizards that control our world governments have unlimited way to get him with technology they only know about……..BUT, what if Snowden is Reptilian himself? (during a few shots in this doc, he looked like he was about to shapeshift to a lizard form)

  6. This is a great documentary; so interesting that it was filmed in real time (most of it from a hotel room in Hong Kong). It take you into Ed Snowden’s world; a “day” in the life of Edward Snowden during the period that his leaks were being revealed. I refute the other comments on this page. Anybody who understands the consequences of Snowden’s actions won’t need convincing of this, including in the very least the support of Julian Assange ie an expert on this subject who saw the benefits in what Snowden revealed. Suffice to say Snowden revealed the breadth and depth of the NSA programs; its collaboration with other countries, the spying on other countries, industrial espionage and the fact that there are 1.2 million people on the watch list. Snowden’s revelations have crystalised what was previously a myth, that we have no privacy. Change starts with an informed citizenry and Snowden has certainly aided in this end.

  7. Ya…Snowden’s safe passage to China and Russia–with candid photos of him and his girlfriend–has given me serious pause…When you think about it, he’s never released any REALLY serious info as Private Manning did, now incarcerated for a very long time. It has me rethinking Greenwald and Poitras also…I think they’re freekin’ all Agents (minus Manning) intentionally placed to leak limited info to keep the public freaked…After all, a bully (govt’s) only has power over his victims (the public), when we have an awareness of they’re deeds and intentions.

    • You’re joking right??

      • Do you have a rebuttle to that or are you posing a rethorical question because you’re unsure how you feel about his statement?

        Its true that other have expressed greater sums of information on a wider scale. That being said Edward Snowdens contribution was anything but minor. Every step brights members of the public and legislators who arent just in it for the money to make a change in our proposition for laws and votes on those bills proposed by others.

  8. nobody actuallty knows what is the truth. the one thing i understand is only that he’s a traitor and his will of fame is incredible

  9. load of shit. he’s a traitor.

  10. Don’t believe this.

  11. Snowden is controlled opposition.