City of Dogs

In this first episode of Louis Theroux’s LA Stories, “City of Dogs” he heads to South LA on a journey through the outer edges of  canine companionship to discover how and why hundreds of neglected dogs are roaming the streets of though neighborhoods and takes a look and the people trying to help care for these stray animals.

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  1. Louis Theroux is one of the only documentary film makers (in the English-speaking world at least) whose presence does not pull focus from the subject. Whether it’s the treatment of dogs in Los Angeles, a pedophile prison or people recovering from brain injury, Louis has a unique ability to be a part of the story for the time he’s present, yet not chew up the scenery and make it all about him.

  2. That hipster couple fucked me right off.

  3. Oh my, this film is playing with my emotions. I love dogs. Discarding dogs just because it isn’t cute or pretty anymore, is so appalling. Putting down dogs just for “space”, or because the dog has un-trainable “stress” issues is not right. I feel sorry for the abandoned, mistreated and unlucky dogs. I admire those individuals who are saving these dogs and giving these misunderstood dogs a better life. And those who did not succumb to putting down their stressed dogs because they cant handle… like the example, the lady and the white stressed dog, in this video, there is still hope. See how well behaved he became.

    Every film made by Louis T. is great. Glad that you posted this.